Post DOP display error

I cleaned some dialogues using RX9. I know that process with manual apply in the DOP etc. I’m a bit cautious with DOP so I make “DOP make all permanent” but keep a copy of the original file in the lane above.
Now mixing the film I realise some waveform do not match the audio. I had this long time ago so it’s not recent but still a bug there that is annoying. I remember that previously I could slip inside the region and get the waveform “refresh” but it doesn’t work anymore.
If I bounce that region than the waveform is correct. But I don’t want to bounce it.
Is there a way to fix that ?

Have you tried this?

thanks so much I’ll try the first technique see if it works for me !

Today I have a new one like this :

I did a session last week and when I open it something sounds odd.
I spot a piano lane with audio files that has a waveform that does not correspond to the sound. It has no DOP, no transpose time stretch… it’s just the raw audio file just played incorrectly !

So in the case, sound is wrong display is right
that’s concerning.

Just to be on the safe side: Only the waveform shifts? So it is “only” an optical problem. The audio itself remains in sync?

NO ! That’s the crazy part. It the first time I see this. Waveform was what I recorded, it looked ok on the timeline. But sound was clearly from another part of the track.

Now that I write this I think I should investigate and double check that the original sound file wasn’t replaced for some reason. This would be such a strange bug it makes maybe more sense that I did something wrong…

Were you able to find out anything about the problem?
I’ve also had problems with the waveform. But it was mostly an optical problem. (For example, the waveform would suddenly disappear at a high zoom level).

Of course, I’ve also been known to accidentally fail to make a copy of a clip that was used several times in the project, so that changes were made not only to that clip, but to other clips as well. :blush: But when this happened, the waveform was always adapted accordingly.
However, as the waveform is stored in a separate file, it is theoretically possible that certain circumstances may prevent the waveform from being updated.

sorry didn’t have time yet. Probably next weel :stuck_out_tongue: