Post fader plug ins

Hi Guys
I’m using a certain plug in that generates a tiny bit of noise. I noticed that the noise floor
is still present even though I have a fade at the end of the song. Is there a preference to change where plug ins appear pre or post fader ?

For Clip FX, yes. See attached. For Montage Output or Track Effects, not that I know of.

Also, this is related to the Clip Volume Envelope, not the Clip Gain Fader, or Master Section Fader, etc.

I’m assuming you’re also referring to the Clip Volume Envelope since you can’t automate a fade on any of the actual faders.

Yep, it was for the Clip gain fader. As always, many thanks JP.

Can this be found in version 9.5 ? My mac can’t upgrade to accommodate version 11.

Found it! ‘Envelope after effects’

Oh, I was just thinking about this. It changed in WaveLab 11 and I don’t have anything other than WaveLab 11 installed right now.

Prior to WaveLab 11, you should see a setting in the Envelope Ribbon Tab if I remember correctly that puts the Clip Volume Envelope before or after the Clip Effects.

It is possible, I just can’t remember where it used to be located exactly.

In the ‘Envelope’ window. Thanks again for pointing me in the right direction.

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Good deal. Yeah, it looked much different prior to WL11 and now it’s incorporated in the Clip Automation area. Glad you found it.