Post fader slots

Is anyone else a bit frustrated by only having two post-fader slots in Cubase, especially on the stereo bus?

I have a number of reasons for needing for, and would like more, but for instance if I want to use a maximizer → brickwall limiter → UV22HR

That 1 extra post-fader slot would be something I’d like.

Does anyone else come across this and how to get around without using a pre-fader slot?


Just use the pre-fader slots.

Don’t move the master fader unless you’re doing a fade and the start/end or you’ve got some automation going on.

Use the master gain if you want to alter the volume… and for volume monitoring purposes use your soundcard volume or control room.

Another option; I set up a separate MasterFX chanel, route output to Stereo Out and all other outputs to the new Master FX. Now I have two extra post fader slots and a whole new fader for use for automation, before the master output fader.

Also a nice added feature is that any A/B comparison track can be routed around my master FX chain to the main sterou out…

Hope this helps.

TBH I reckon it’s time they made all the slots post/pre switchable. And, perhaps upped them to 12 as well (or limitless??). I very often get stuck the other way, i.e. I’ve got all the slots full and the fader fixed at 0dB so they’re all effectively pre’s… Then I branch out into groups (the new ‘add group to channel’ function in the mixer is a great time-saver!) to use more inserts.


It sounds similar to what I’ve done in the past, only I used a Group channel.

I guess what I’d like is just once the sound/data has left the cubase stereo out fader, I want it to go through the path I mentioned right at the very end point , so that post-fader chain is the last bit of processing during exporting. …I just want 3 slots in that post-fader chain.

Is there no way to add more post-fader slots in Cubase?

I use indeed a group channel for my master FX chain. This way I have the Master FX fader as my mix main output and still have 2 extra post faders etc on my Stereo Out, for dithering and an extra brick wall limiter for example… What you want sonically, is possible this way. UX wise is another story…

Why are you set on having the Limiter etc post fader? Dithering is fair enough… but otherwise…

I sometimes have a burst of static when I switch to certain soft synths… Just as a last resort when I am composing music or designing sounds, to avoid clipping and/ or any other damage to my speakers, I set up a brick wall at -2dB. I turn this plugin off when finalizing a mix of course.

I also have occasionally been annoyed at the fact that there’s only two post fader slots…

It’s very easily fixable though. Just create two FX tracks, one for the pre-fader signal and the other for the post fader signal. Then move any insert effects to these new tracks, and BOOM!
You’ve got yourself a full set of ‘post-fader’ slots. You’ve even got the slots in the original track, for anything you need on both outputs, etc.

However, it’s annoying if I don’t realize I’m going to need to do this in advance (which I rarely can predict), and have already setup complex routing to other things, etc… then I need to re-do a bunch of routing when maybe all I need is just one more post-fader slot…

You might want to do that with a Brickwall Limiter on the Main Stereo out channel, when mastering or mixing down. Traditionally, you’d put it after the Master faders and it would ensure that the level of your mix never goes over the threshold you have set. (And here the function is pure limiting and NOT maximising). The same function can have its uses on the other channel inserts where you might want to limit the peaks in the signal when increasing fader levels as part of an automated mix, for example.