"Post It Notes" - Stickied to regions, tracks, etc

Sometimes I find it could be handy if I could make notes right in the project.

On regions/waveforms:
-Marking problems + description/solution
-Notes or interesting parts on different takes/lanes

on channels:
Channels already have notes, but what about notes on/by the fader about different levels and changes.

also incredibly useful for multiple people working on the same session. ie, exec producer can listen through a session project and just make notes everywhere - what needs to be better, what needs to be edited, vocal intonation weird here, etc, etc.

It would be great if there were some features within this system like:
-Original note is posted, then others can add their own notes without changing the original, ie, notes on notes.
-People can check/sign into notes, ie, Note Seen by: - Adam W. - Hong L. - Chris M
-Different symbols for different types of notes: Idea, Emergency, Priority Level, Mistake, Edit, Question, Completed/Uncompleted.
-Colour coding
-Notes list - displays notes in a list complete with sorting features such as: Last viewed, hidden/non-hidden, completed/uncompleted, date created, created by, etc.
-Allow pictures in the notes with basic drawing tools - hardware recall settings, ‘print screen’ screen grab,
-Link to other notes, ie the same or similar problem might repeat in other areas. Maybe sub-notes could be created.

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Really hope to get more +1’s on this :stuck_out_tongue: Would really help me keep track and wrap my own brain around my own projects - especially during those toke and listen moments :laughing:

This is a great idea!!

Nice idea, however isn’t it possible to use description in markers for that? Especially now that it’s possible to have many marker tracks.

Yup but there could be a better system than markers for this purpose I think - it’s sometimes difficult to point out exactly what one is talking about. With stickies you could place it on a particular peak of a waveform of which the event is on a 1 track of 10 similar others.

I think markers are meant more for cuing certain sections

(requested repost)
At the moment I use muted long notes as little reminders inside the Key Editor. I’d like the ability to create freely sizeable Post-It Ghost Notes instead by using a Post-It tool accessible thru the right click Menu
resizable post-it ghost notes.jpg


would love to have “sticky” notes

I’m getting old so don’t take this the wrong way…

EVERY non-sexy good idea like this has been posted and posted and posted and posted and posted and posted.
Year after year after year after year after year after year after year after year after year. You just don’t know it because you haven’t been around for 17 years. :smiley:

It would be beyond fabulous if all such small but good suggestions could be somehow catalogued and organised so that:

  1. Users didn’t have to re-invent the wheel–we could all -see- how prevalent certain good ideas are.

  2. And SB could also see the cumulative strength (discussion, votes, etc.) of various suggestions over 10 years.

My guess is that the end result would be some slight SB shaming. It would show what people have -really- wanted—the -same- frickin’ small things—year after year after year after year.

No doubt, non-sexy good ideas are my kind of thing… Imo, they are the kind of thing that make a program a staple - so many people would get hooked on post-it notes, they would not be able to switch to any other program from then on (unless the other program had post-it notes)

It just sounds messy to me. Sorry to break the consensus.

You must be envisioning a mess. Try to resolve the messyness in your head, without discarding the idea. :unamused: :laughing:

Great idea! :slight_smile:

Having the notes where one actually needs them sounds good to me, too.

Yes, with mixes and production becoming increasingly detailed and complex… when inspiration ignites and you have a truck full of rolodex’s full of ideas, exploding… you really can’t get those ideas down quick enough, nothing will suffice, but this might help…

I imagine it would be a “Sticky Notes” tool and would hope it would be a very streamlined process. Select the tool, click, and you are auto-cued to type right away, type in the title, hit ‘tab’, type the notes, hit enter or click in a new spot for a new note, done.

I imagine it would just be a small circular ball like on the end of a sewing needle, give it a bit of a three-dimensional look with a - hint - of shadow so it pops and sticks out from everything else in Cubase. make it magnetic so it can be dragged, and sticks to wherever your place it or whatever you place it on. Holding your mouse over would give you the notes, click on it would give you the notes + expanded features.

You could ofcoarse have a feature to ‘Show/Hide notes’ to keep things clean.


I didn’t want to say it, but I agree. Just depends how one uses it.

I would LOOOOOOVE to be able to point the odd sticky note on PRECISELY the spots I wished. I work on lots of projects all the time and one of my biggest challenges is remembering all the changes I need to make between sessions.

My brainstorming:


  1. Write ideas/comments relating to the tracks

  2. Write ideas/comments relating to the parts/events/regions, etc.

    Create a rectangular button (as READ/WRITE) with a lamp light bulb icon in the track. This button is GREY if there is nothing written. If you click this button it opens a box and you can write in it. Once you finish the note, you close the box. Then the lamp button is YELLOW as you have a note written on that track. After that, if you pass the mouse over this yellow button, the note appears and you can read it (WITHOUT CLICK!). When the mouse is not on the yellow button the note is hidden


Same as comments on tracks, but I would not put the grey icon. It means that you can create 1 or more comments per part or event. Every note you write, it appears on a yellow icon with the lamp bulb at the beginning of the part/event. You can have 2 or 3 yellow icons at the beginning, every icon with a different comment.

This system is similar to the notes you can create on excel files in every cell. Excel is using this system of comments per cell for years and it works perfectly.


If I don’t like your idea then it’s my fault? Hm, sure, but it doesn’t make it any better.

I’ll still bring a +1 if you can think of something more sophisticated than putting digital sticky notes over your project.

If I don’t like your idea then it’s my fault? Hm, sure, but it doesn’t make it any better.

I’ll still bring a +1 if you can think of something more sophisticated than putting digital sticky notes over your project.

You not liking the idea doesn’t make it any “worse”. It’s your fault, or problem(?), you can’t imagine anything other than a mess.

Like, if you’re imagining actual big yellow 3d paper post-it notes… that might not be the right thing to imagine. Not to mention, your point is sort of irrelevant because it would be up to the user to utilize and organize their notes and keep their work pace clean however they like - how they perceive clean/non-messy. Maybe you would make a mess of it, others wouldn’t. Maybe what you perceive as a mess, other would perceive as organized and detailed note taking.

You’re not adding anything to the conversation, it’s a silly comment. It sounds messy to you, okay? Care to explain why? Have any solutions or alternatives to what is being described?

Most people are currently using markers for note taking which imo, can get messy, results in a track being added, doesn’t point to what exactly is being referenced. And then others are using the event description, which can’'t be seen zoomed out, it’s easy to lose track of it, etc.

It’s pretty clear I’m providing a concept in simple form and allowing people/Steinberg to imagine how it would be implemented, what do you want? Do you want to pay me to sophisticate my ideas to resolve the mess in your head?