Post your free VST's here []

Hi pplz. I got bored and made a website for sharing free VSTs. If you would like, you can post them here:

(if you would prefer you can email me the VST you have created and I will post them for you. my email is

If you find any issues with the website, or think of any additions or improvements let me know. Its my first attempt at programming with php and mysql.

Cheers and thanks for the great work you ppl do.

Aloha e, and welcome to the board. E’ Komo Mai’.

Nice idea and execution.

Proves that some very clever/resourceful ‘pplz’ hang at this place.

Mahalo and Good Luck!

Make the entire download icon(s) a ‘link’ as well.
When I first saw it I clicked on it before seeing the actual link underneath.

Now the only prob is;
is it kool with the mods to post that info here? Sure hope so.

Nice idea and execution indeed, but it would be nice if demos were visibly marked as such. The first VST I saw on your site was Absynth, and that is not freeware.

Thanks for your advice. When I get time I will update the site with your ideas. Cheers :slight_smile: