Post Your Set Up

My iPad3 and Akai MpkMini

The mpk is indeed a nice controller for Cubasis! :slight_smile:
I haven’t tried my CMC PD yet. I ask myself if the pad bank
selection will work. But I don’t wanna spend 30 bucks on an adapter
for now.

This is my studio set up

Sorry to post something offtopic:

djjunior & djjuniorpops: Are you related in any way?
Like father and son? :mrgreen:

Same person my error on account

Great idea, this is a nice thread! Me gusta! :mrgreen:

Here’s my setup:
iPad 2, iRig Keys, iRig Guitar interface (noisey), mobile in guitar interface (much better), Epiphone Les Paul, You Rock Guitar (midi controller). Camera connection kit. iPhone 5

Most used apps are Cubasis, GarageBand, SampleTank, Alchemy, Sunrizer, bs-16i, Multitrack, and few more rarely used.

See Pic Below

Exactly the same as mine!

I am using an Alesis IO Dock, IK iRig, and a Behringer UMX250 plus a bunch of iPhone/iPad keyboard plugins.

Hey LeeSteel,

I am an old CuBase user (from the early VST days) and about to invest in the Cubasis app for iPad. I’m seriously looking at the Alesis IO Dock for an interface and curious if you could share an opinion on it since you are using it.


AkaMarko, I remember your video demoing the You Rock Guitar and Sampletank. I had to pick one up after that. I hear their close to finishing DLC for YRG 1000.

Inspired instruments (YRG) are a nice bunch of guys. They do have a tendency to release updates a bit slower than promised but “patience is a virtue” I supposed, lol. :smiley: I might pick up the Pro YRG when it comes out. At this point they are talking end of year for general public. Hope you are enjoying your YRG. I know it takes a little tweaking at first to meet your playing style.

This is really a good piece of hardware. I haven´t tried it with Cubasis, but I know it works perfect on Garageband.
You´ll get all in one box. I have tested it with recording MIDI and audio. Only concern would be it´s durability, since it feels light and plastic, so maybe not for gigging.


I’m using it, especially with cubasis, and i think it’s a real complete solution. I’v recorded using it with a guitar cable and jamup pro xt and there are absolutely no noise at all. Also made some vocal recording with an condenser microphone of exceptional quality and the phantom power works well.Not try yet with midi data. You have some level knobs everywere whiche is also usefull. I havn’t found something more complete for an ipad audio interface than this one.

The minor point is that you absolutely need a power plug.
Also agree with Jari, i won’t go on stage with this (i won’t go on stage with my ipad anyway, too fragile in itself).

I have also noticed a bug maybe cause to this hardware : it’s reported her: . Like you see the bug will be cleared by the 1.2 version of cubasis according to steinberger.


Just wondering…I have a Brian Moore iGuitar with 13 pin and USB … Certainly stage durability I will try to see how it reacts with Cubasis or what comes out of it at the very least.

I have a nice Cubase set up with a real computer and controllers… So I want to keep my IPad set up all in the iPad!

No external stuff… Well alright Inhave an Apogee Mic for acoustic stuff … But everything else should be in the device!

So right now I need MIDI clock out of Cubasis to sync synth tempos… Or the odd drum machine.

I also see Auria using " iOS VST Plugins’" … Good income source for SB with in App Store if they’d support them. If they really are VST I’d suppose they developed them…

I do have an iPhone too … So some connectivity would be nice to run a synth there too. Bluetooth? WIFI?



Lee, I think for me, you have summed it up well. Self contained…I did try something the other night. Had a meeting to go to absolutely unrelated to music… It was a superstorm sandy flood thng. I switche d on the iPad and recorded a few lines of dialog from the group there… Gee whiz it was ideal… Just for giggles it did an awesome job. Now if I can just set it to music :smiley:

My thoughts are to be using it for live club type recording mostly a few guitars, bass, cajon, light acoustic. I have hopes there are some very good developments in the works

Yeah good idea and an interesting topic, these threads do have a tendency to degrade into gear discussions though :slight_smile:
Personally my setup is iPad3 with Cubasis for MIDI and rec, i use SoundPrism Pro as “keyboard”, and there’s a few synth apps to fulfill my tweakish needs. (Most prominently the Sunrizer, that thing’s a monster!!)

If i feel the need to tweak physical knobs, i connect my Zero Mk2, though through a hub with it’s own USB power “supply”…


This is my setup :slight_smile:

With Cubasis I’m using a Roland Duo Capture EX interface. Sold an Alesis IO Dock when I purchased the Roland Interface. The Roland interface is more flexible than an IO Dock (can use it with a PC or Mac too) plus can run the Roland interface stand alone on AA batteries. I also use a M-Audio Keystation Mini 32 for portability when necessary with Cubasis since it’s IPad powered via USB.