Posting listing what Musescore does better

I was surprised to be censured. Well, if that means Steinberg read it, it is already something.
Hoping for a future when I can really score inside Cubase, play along and record.

I remember your post.
I don’t know where it’s gone but I vaguely remember that everything you described was feasible in Cubase in the most intuitive way.
Maybe you could refresh my memory.

Ahem… I struggle to remember this most intuitive way of doing things…

A quick reminder:

  • Display when you hover over a button not only the function that it represents but the associated keyboard shortcut in parenthesis.
  • Export to PDF with a single click.
  • Upper menu containing buttons to add simple #,b accidentals (not only enharmonic shifts) and add “+,-” standard keyboard shortcuts to them if possible.
  • Select layout by navigating through a list of predefined instruments with their most used clef arrangements (ie. piano: treble and bass clef, bass: bass clef with octave down, etc).

Partially true, but only keyboard shortcuts are missing in the info on hover of “most” of the buttons, not a big deal in my opinion, but yes KS should be indicated as for the rest of the program.

That would be useful indeed, with advanced settings in addition, instead of 3 or 4 clicks currently using the mouse (File>Print>“Microsoft To PDF” or “Save as PDF” …) OR “0” mouse click using keyboard shortcut :wink:

The Score Editor simply does not work like that, and it does not need to work like another scoring program in my opinion for this feature.
Just insert your note and change its pitch using mouse wheel or keyboard shortcuts or drag up/down. The accidentals are placed accordingly to your score settings, and you can change them afterwards too using the button you mentioned.

It’s already possible: in the Score Editor, select the Inspector tab on the left zone and open Quick Staff Setup, predefined layout for instruments are there (also in the Score Settings).