Postscript Custom Page Size

What is this? I do not know what it means and I see nowhere to specify any size for it, whatever it may be. How is this different to specifying a custom size?

I did a search for “Postscript” in the latest version of the Dorico Pro 4 operation manual, with no occurrences found. Similarly, within Dorico itself, I could not find any mention of Postscript.
It sounds to me like it might be more to do with the printer setup on your computer rather than anything related specifically to Dorico. Some applications might install printer drivers, for example. I’m thinking Adobe software, as Adobe invented PostScript, specifically anything to do with creating PDFs such as Adobe Acrobat and Distiller, or possibly a third-party application/driver for printing to PDFs.

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Ah. Thanks for sorting out the confusion. I was also puzzled when I could find no reference in the manual.

Sure enough, it shows up when I choose Adobe PDF as the output, which I have because of an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription. It’s not available if I choose a real printer. Matter solved! I didn’t spot that.

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