Potential feature request: Dorico Keyboard App

Hi folks,

Just had a bright idea (I think) which might be useful - it would be handy to have a “Dorico Keyboard App” which would be a control app for your iPad/iphone - buttons laid out sensibly with some piano keys for input, and dynamic buttons depending on context.

Would this be something you might consider? Would be dead handy to have a visual guide to input that you can carry around with the laptop…

I also realise that it’s something that someone else could easily implement themselves (albeit probably with a less useful way of controlling things on the computer end) - don’t have time or inclination myself…


We don’t have any current plans for anything like this, though we would never say never. In the meantime you have things like the Elgato Stream Deck, including its iOS application, or Metagrid, if you want something along these lines.

There are already piano apps that use “Bluetooth MIDI” to connect to your computer as a MIDI instrument.

(Though having said that, my iPad says it’s Connected, and my Mac offers the iPad as a MIDI input, but nothing I play comes through…!)

Yeah those things are never great!

“Those things” – you mean exactly what you’re requesting? :laughing:

On the strength of this discussion, I’ve done a bit more research and just bought an app called Pianist Pro, which does work very well. I can now enter notes into Dorico from the virtual keyboard on my iPad!

Hi Benwiggy,

Yes - to be clear, there are a number of control applications that allow you to control your Mac as if they were normal keyboard input, and there was one that was set up for Sibelius input. The app was third party and only mimicked keyboard input. It required you to surrender complete control of your operating system to the app, was incredibly buggy and slow, and frequently did not update its interface properly as accordingly there was no feedback from Sibelius to the app. Without Dorico providing an official SDK for control input (and feedback), this would be the only way of coding such an app.

Using the iPad as a MIDI controller is… fine. Not as effective as using an actual piano keyboard. The worst thing is the lack of haptic feedback, and it’s reasonably laggy.


I’m confused as to what you’re asking for, and what you’re saying is not very good.