Potential issues when updating from Cubase 6 to 11 and Windows 7 to 10

I’m currently running Cubase 6.5 on Windows 7.

I would like to upgrade my OS to Windows 10. Will I backup my files, but I’m wondering if updating to Windows 10 - will my old Cubase 6.5 arrangements work (assuming my VSTs are working too)?

Once Windows 10 is installed, I would like to upgrade to Cubase 11/12 . Again, would the Cubase 6.5 continue to work?



Yes again.

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Hopefully you are using 64-bit Cubase 6.5. If yes, even the plug-ins might work. If you would use 32-bit Cubase 6.5, the 3rd party plug-ins would most probably work.

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I’ve updated both, but now I’m getting messages about plugins not found, few examples include Tonic, Monologue, and Groove Agent ONE.
I’ve searched the forum and found some old threads that appear to suggest people had similar problems. Is there now a fix or can I run Cubase 6.5 to finish those songs?

Edit - the old Cubase 6.5 install is still working as well. Cubase 11 is looking great :+1:


I would say, these plug-ins are 32-bit only.