Potential purchase question

Hi, need a bit of friendly advice, I’m looking at Auria and cubasis as potential apps, leaning to cubasis because of the midi, I mainly do electronic music production, not much audio recording and want a way of creating tracks with 3rd party apps like synths and drum machines what I can’t clearly work out is how the midi works, can I play a synth through audio bus into cubasis and have cubasis plot the midi data im playing or do I play the synth by plotting or playing midi data from within cubasis,as though it was a vst loaded on the track and either way once the midi in cubasis is triggering the synth is there a way to bounce that to audio or do you record the audio into a separate track. Thanks for any help :exclamation: :question: :confused:

hey Lexicon,

Audiobus is simply an APP to transfer Audio. No MIDI data included. IOS itself has a MIDI transfer interface build in, called CoreAudio. So you can exchange Midi data in both directions. From Cubasis into an extern App as well as from the App into Cubasis. To record the created audio you certainly need Audiobus, which will add an audiotrack in Cubasis.

So all your usecases should be fulfilled.

kind regards

That was exactly what I needed to know, very helpful, thanks :sunglasses: will download cubasis right now :slight_smile: