Power chord symbols - using F5 instead of F(omit 3)

In general Dorico does a fantastic job laying out Chord Symbols with whatever entry you put in and they are always stylised very nicely. However when writing in power chords for guitar the standard convention would be to use the number 5 next to the root of the chord rather than Omit 3. This is a very small detail but it would clean up my scores immensely if this were possible.

Is their an existing way to change the default chord symbols name?

Have a look in Engraving Options / Chord Symbols

Dear LiamBowie,
Have you really checked the numerous Engraving options? I think there’s an option to have the 5 appearance. Save it as default and you won’t ever have to deal with omit 3 chords!
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As others have already said, just check this Engraving Option:

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Brilliant, thank you everyone for your responses. I only upgraded to Pro a couple of days ago so I’m still getting used to the Engraving Mode and where everything is placed.

Do get used to using Cmd/Ctrl-Shift-E for Engraving Options. You can access that dialog from any mode, not just Engrave mode. Same goes for Layout Options, Playback Options, Notation Options etc.