Power Hit Completely Screwed Up Nuendo 11

I am so frustrated at the moment. My studio took a power hit while running Nuendo (yes, I have power protection but sometimes it still causes problems). My audio interface went offline, and ever since then after restarting Nuendo, everything has been screwed up.

First, Nuendo reverted to a generic ASIO driver. All of my audio interface settings were wiped out completely. All of my saved audio configs were also wiped clean/gone. I was finally able to get Nuendo to recognize and load my audio interface driver again, but still, all audio config settings, control room settings, everything - gone. There is no way to re-import my settings file, which seems to be completely wiped.

Ironically, Nuendo 10.3 works fine, no problems. I desperately wish I could get Nuendo 11 to load with my 10.3 preferences with all of my audio/studio settings intact, but I don’t know if that’s possible.

My setup is fairly elaborate and this is not the first time I’ve lost all of my audio config settings due to Nuendo 11 weirdness. After several issues and crashes, I feel like Nuendo 11 is NOT ready for prime time, and it’s incredibly frustrating to have to re-configure my studio in Nuendo 11 over and over, not being able to load it from a saved file, and feeling like any moment it’s going to happen again!

If anyone has any suggestions on how to keep from losing all of these settings, I’d be really appreciative. This is just super frustrating.

Only thing I can recommend, is having a constant system drive backup running in the background.

In Mac Os, this is called “Time Machine.” On my setup, I have a two partition external drive, one partition is for all the audio files, sessions, etc, and the other is the Time Machine. It just runs in the background, constantly updating images of my system drive, for exactly this type of situation. The partition is 1TB, double the size of the system drive, which keeps this running smoothly, without ever needing to erase older backups. It does so automatically.

Since you did not post what computer you are using… I cannot even begin to think on a solution for you.

I’m on a PC. Yes, a backup might help, but there should be a way to restore settings without having to run a complete backup drive! That’s just nuts. Nuendo/Cubase needs to have a better way of loading and restoring settings, one that is transferrable from one system to the next - and OS agnostic. It should not be put on the user to have to restore from backup my entire Nuendo installation every time it crashes or loses power.

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