Power Of Soul

Here`s one i posted a while back ,i aint got my mini studio at the minute so i mixed it on an hi fi ,hope it sounds ok ,had fun doing it.

a nice jam …with lyrics!

Had fun listening to this old Jimi tune. Band of Gypsies was a landmark album. Always love your playing, singing, and mixing. Can’t criticize! Everything about it sounds great.

Almost a Parliament/Funkadelic vibe in the intro Sweet! :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

Is that a mootron phaser on the gtr lead?

Rock on!

agree with all of the above…good stuff…Kevin :slight_smile:

cheers ference thanks for the nice comment.

thanks Leon for the nice comment ,this was always a big favorite of mine since my first listen back in the 70s ,i know its hard to believe how cool Jimis version must have sounded back in the 60s when it was first out, mind blowing.

thanks Steven the effect was a Digitech GNX 2 it was a pre set in there i liked and so i recorded it, the only other sound in there any good was a model of a fuzz face . ive since got rid of that pedal .its funny you should mention Parliament/Funkadelic ive been listening to a version of this tune by Bootsy Collins. ive heard Dweezil Zappa use a drum loop very similar to the intro loop i used.

Cheeers Kevin thanks for the listen.

Yes, agreed!

Sounds good! :sunglasses:


Well done. Like the arrangement and singing. Didn’t realize it was a Hendrix tune.

cheers Wim

Yep, Hendrix was funky.

Love it! Needs more bass, I think, however – I want to hear some BIG BOTTOM here, baby! But yeah, great vocal and accompaniment :sunglasses:

thanks Doug glad you like it, it might be worth getting my mate to put some proper heavy funk bass on this ,cause i know he likes this track.