Power Supply Unit (PSU) recommendations please

Core System

ASUS Prime Z390-P
Intel i7 9700k (9th Gen)
64gb Crucual Ram
3 x Seagate Expansion Drives (USB’d)
M-Audio M-Track Eight Audio Interface
2 x M-Audio Anniversary Edition Midisport 2x2
Steinberg CC121


Windows 10 Pro 1909

Cubase Pro 10.5
Reason 11 Suite
Arturua V-Collection 7
Native Instruments Komplete
HALion 6
Groove Agent 5
The Grand 3

I currently use an 500 W ATX power supply but I have been experiencing the infamous BSOD “Inaccessible Boot Device failure” stopcode

I have done a clean install however I did one a few weeks ago and the BSOD appeared once again.

I am working on another clean install and everything seems fine at the minute but how long for?

A mate of mine bought a Corsair VS650 650 W. Would this do the job?

Many thanks guys

what is better ATX or Corsair?

ATX is a case type - Corsair is a manufacturer.

Please do not hijack my thread

The last PSU I bought for my studio PC was a Corsair RM850 Gold Modular. I calculated what power I needed given the components (there are websites to calculate this for you, they said 650W) and bought higher than I needed. This PSU can run completely silently without the fan - that’s why I bought a higher wattage - the quieter the better for me.

But are you sure it’s the PSU? Is this an old PC that’s developed this fault or is it a new build? I recently had a lot of BSOD trouble with 9th gen intel, I ended up trying 3 mobos and 2 processors before I got a combination which worked - and even then I had to flash the mobo with the latest firmware.

If it’s not a new build then it literally could be anything, for example I just replaced a mobo in another PC which was failing and I started thinking it was the PSU, but after swapping PSU, graphics card and memory I finally changed the mobo and the problem went away. Difficult to track down of course unless you have spares, but maybe you could borrow you mate’s PSU to check?


It’s a new build. Built last year. It’s all working fine now I’ve done a clean install, but within a month I could be back to the Blue screens!

I second @GargoyleStudio suggestion, get a beefier power supply, i9s are pretty hungry, what graphics are you using?

If you are concerned about power usage, don’t be, if anything you may use less, the 850w PS will be running at a more efficient status than a smaller one running full bore.

i7 (9th gen) not i9

XFX Radeon R7 250 (AMD)

Here are a couple of power supply calculators. There are lots out there but these should give you a decent idea of the power you need.


That 650w should be fine.