Powering UR22 without a PC

Just a tip that may help some. I called Steinberg yesterday (returned my call very promptly).

My question was: Can I power the UR22 with a 115V USB converter instead of the USB connection on my PC?

Seinberg’s reply: He called back some time later. He had never had that question before. He said the UR22 unit can be plugged it into the white converter used to charge an Appl iphone. The converter he recommended was the the standard Appl 115V/USB charger with an output of 5V 1A.

He mentioned the converter for the ipad had different specs 5V 2A. He recommended the 1A would be sufficient and wasn’t sure of the 2A converter.

The reason I asked this question was, I would like to use the phantom power to power my condenser mic and then run it through to my PA system. This allows me to have my mic and my acoustic guitar running through my PA for jam sessions.



If the 1A works, the 2A will work! The 2A simply has more capacity. I’d go with the 2A because if your running for any length of time, especially if you’ll be engaging the phantom power, the 1A will probably get hotter. If there’s a chance the converter could burn out, the 1A is much more likely to go than the 2A. :wink: