Powertoys - Fancy Zones; please expose API wnd handle for multi monitors (VST GUI)

Please add window support (to windows hehe) that allows eg gui windows etc to autosize and to snap to fancy zones (powertoys). This is a microsoft product, free and very useful so you can just drag windows onto a predefined layout and they snap and size (well in other DAWs anyway)

Allows you to cleanly set up workspaces especially on multi monitor

Would be amazing if plugin guis would work so you could lay them out in a grid per channel

Image these were actual plugin UIs and not sample browsers???


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I’ve been using mix consoles and editors in fancy zones since first release. It already works perfectly. Plug-in windows are different due to the way the scaling works, dependant on each individual plugin.

One thing is to make sure you do not have Powertoys running as Admin.

Ok well that kind of sucks for other stuff…maybe thats why its not working.
Would be so nice if the plugs were able to function like that…thanks for the heads up…
Even if they just anchored to top left or something…but Ill go and check why mine isnt working.

EDIT: You are correct so Ill reword, Moving windows eg consoles etc is not a big issue; but yeah would be great if Steiny had a way of making stuff for vst GUI work like that…brilliant