PPG 3V and Granite crashing Cubase 10

OK, just a report. If I try to load Waldorf’s PPG 3V soft synth Cubase 10 completely crashes with the appropriate error message.

With New Sonic Arts Nuance and Granite Cubase doesn’t crash but the GUIs come out as complete rubbish.

Hi, I am on a windows 10 machine and PPG 3V does not cause any problem at all in Cubase 10. Are you running the latest version of the plugin?

Well I can’t see which version PPG is as it crashes. It’s a VST3 plug-in though. I will re-download it to make sure it’s the latest version.

Forgot to mention I’m on Windows 7 64-bit.

OK that seems to work for PPG now! New Sonic Arts have had other people reporting the GUI issue so that’s not me.