PPMulator 3.2.1 crashing N 6.5.35

Hello there,

Just wondering if others here have a crash issue on Nuendo loading when the latest PPMulatorXL i3.2.1 is present in the VST folder ?
Here it’s crashing Nuendo 6.5.35 on loading. OS X.9.5 on a MacPro.

Other experiences ?

PS : the same PPMulator is working fine with other VST hosts like TwistedWave for example.


The same thing is happening here with the latest version of PPMulator XL. I am also working with Nuendo 6.5.35 on a MacPro running OS X.9.5.

zPlane support just told me an update of Cubase 8 solved the issue for them, but still nothing for Nuendo, yet… They told me 10 days ago they had found the reason for the bug, and that a fixed release of PPM should appear in a few days :frowning: .