ppp acts like sFz>ppp

Maybe there is no help since this is third party EWQL.

No matter how soft the marking, I always get an intial loud attack, before the proper dyanmic on following notes when any instrument is first introduced in a piece.

For instance if I want French Horns to make a quiet first entrance, there’s always a loud bit on that first note.

Afterwards, same passage is fine. But that doesn’t fix the initial entrance.

It’s like Dorico is acting late in that first instance.

A couple things to try:

Delete the existing dynamics marketing and recreate it with just th first note selected.

Switch to Halion or different VST for the staff and see if the behavior continues. If it only shows up in Play, try an earlier version of of the Play VST.

I’ve see some latency in keyswitching with various VSTi’s, but not usually in dynamics (n.b. I haven’t had time to deconstruct Dorico 1.2 yet.)

I’ve had this, using the Recorder patch. However, I have not had a chance to download 1.2, so I can’t comment on whether or not the behavior is still present; but I have had experienced this. Hoping it will be in the past with 1.2.

I’ll be happy even if I find a good workaround. Hoping they take a look at the issue eventually, and offer a fix.

This seems to have been sorted out with 1.2. I no longer have that sudden attacked note to start the playback. I have other issues, but that is for another thread…

I figured out how to fix it for the most part !

Sometimes when you put the f/p/mp or whatever marking, it doesn’t take. I’m not sure if this is from the offset setting for humanizing, but I suspect it might be. It causes the dynamic to not initiate with the note. It’s especially troublesome on the first bar of music, as there is no earlier measures. But in every other case, if it is a problem you can set your dynamic a bar earlier than needed.

I think it’s still technically a bug at least for my third party software.