Praise, hail SB!

Updated my Cubase 7 to .06 and what a difference a point update can make!

Very pleased now that tempo edits at a future point do not interrupt playback. I believe a similar improvement was made in a previous update whereby time signature edits at a point past the playback cursor position did not interfere with playback of the Metronome, this was most welcome at the time but it seems now it (click) is even more stable.

One other thing that is worth mentioning, Autoscroll does not seem to start automatically any more when fully switched off. This has been an issue ever since the feature was first introduced but it appears to be rectified which is most welcome.

I don’t know how you do it Steinberg, but I find myself in awe of your great accomplishments.

I agree Artguy, up to 7.0.6 I was having second thoughts about updating. All that really needed to happen was the kinks and bugs worked out. I’ve finally been able to make C7 the main DAW again and not revert to 6.5. I do need a big ass HD 2nd monitor though. Damn mix console is too robust.

This is nice stuff to read.

C7.0.6 +1 here.