Pre- and Post-Roll Times Editing

I love the pre- and post-roll functions that are directly on the Transport Bar. However, as the documentation says, I should be able to edit the used times for these buttons, but somehow right-clicking on either of them does not result in anything - nothing happens. This in both wave and montage windows… Bug or user error?

EDIT: Found it: I was right clicking on the ‘Play until / from anchor’ buttons, and the option is from the ‘Perform pre- / post-roll’ buttons. (Of which I haven’t found out their use yet…) So, that makes it user error… :sunglasses:

I must say I love the Transport Bar. Makes life so much easier in Wavelab!

Another possibility is to press the button and hold down, to make the menu popups.

Thanks PG, I noticed that. Those little improvements make so much of a difference! Also the quick way to play just a time selection under ‘ranges’ is just great.

What I’m also using a lot are the zoom presets. Would it be possible in a future update to have a number of preset buttons in view, to quickly set the zoom of the current file? Maybe like the speaker config buttons, but then to the right of the time display of the Transport Bar…