Pre count did not work

Did I just not do it right or is pre-count not supported either with vst connect?
I just need to know, so I know if I just did it incorrectly.

However I used two bars as a precount, and my performer said that there was one beat missing each time. Now of course
I guess if it really was one beat each time, we can work with that, but I just gave up at the time, because it felt unreliable.

what should I do?

precount isn’t really supported, sorry. Just start 2 bars before where you want the performance to start.

Well, we do that usually. But when you are working with time changes and maybe even odd bars, then it’s not very convenient.
Precount would be very nice to have, perhaps in a future update? :slight_smile:

thanks anyway

The problem here is that a plugin doesn’t know anything about precount (afaik), so we don’t even know it’s taking place. But because of the remote latency we’d have to. Will check if it’s possible at all.