Pre-count wrong tempo !

Hi all !
At first, i’m sorry for my poore english (i’m french).

Since one week, i have a problem with the “pré_count” click.
When i turn on the pre_count click, that one is not at the same tempo than my project ! It’s too fast ! and when recording start (after 2 mesure of pre-count) … the tempo decrease !!! (for exemple when i’m in 120 bpm in project, the pre-count is about 130 bpm, …if my project is 90 bpm, the precount is about 100 bpm)…

I can’t understand that !

I don’t use tempo track…
I’ve check all options in the metronom editor… nothing.
All projects are concerned…
I’ve uninstalled cubase and reinstalled… nothing !
I am lost … :cry:

Cubase 10 pro (upgrade from artist 9.5 since 1 month)
Soundcard : SPL crimson
controller : M-audio Code 61

I’ve try to delete the folder cubase in “appdata” roaming …etc… to reset preferences… Restart, cubase is reload… but … always the problem.
Even if i try the midi click, the problem is the same… :imp: