Pre fade insert effects (why no prefade sends with a working return?)

Quick question, as per the manual I see Cubasis 3.x only offers prefader options for insert fx and not on sends (why not on sends? This would be very useful). But even the prefade option on insert FX doesn’t really work in a prefader method in that if you mute that track and you have a time based effect (think reverb) you can not here the effect on that channel. I suspect it’s because it’s not working more as a prefade send way with a dedicated return, so you if you mute the channel or turn the fader down, you can’t here the resulting effect. What I’m wanting to do is use Cubasis for playing back some stems for live performances off my ipad which is on my mic stand. I use the ipad for connecting to mixers, lyric prompts, and thinking about this tracks playback option. It would be great if on a track that we are playing to a click if I could say automate up a reverb or delay effect on a live track or send for key moments in a song. (effect only, no direct signal) Pretty sure Cubasis will not support this. Of course my main DAW on my laptop (Digtial Performer) would do this, but I’m looking to run everything off one device that sits on my mic stand, my ipad Pro m2 which is easily powerful enough to handle this funcion and cubasis has some nice reverbs built in! I think you should consider adding this feature in an update…I think guys using your mobile DAW live would appreciate that feature, but also useful for studio.