Pre levels in the mixer

Hi all,

In this video, Dom’s mixer is displaying the Pre levels. How does he do that?

As I understand it, he likes to adjust his levels of the signal BEFORE it hits the mixer. I assume that’s what he’s doing with his Pre levels? So, how do I display them? Thanks :slight_smile:!

Right click in the level meters.

Thanks, but I don’t really see any adjustments. I did find that if I display the Racks > Pre (Filters/Gain/Phase) I see the Pre group.

Next question, I’m no longer seeing a drop in the meters when I pull the sliders back. Any ideas? Thanks again, S…

  • Lee

Funny, are you kidding?
When you place the meters pre fader of course pulling the sliders does no affect the meters any longer.
Or are you a troll?

Cheers, ernst

Then you obviously didn ´t look very thoroughly…

I managed to find it on my own.