Pre/Post Send color and icon still messed up in 9.5.2

This should be a simple fix and needs fixed. It has changed for ver 9 in color and worst of all the icon where you click to change the pre/post send setting has the arrow reversed. It points Left for POST fader and Right for PRE fader. It should be reversed because left signifies before and right signies after. Seems simple. I just did my first mix on Ver 9.5 and realized I had assigned all my send affects to PRE FADER which is not what I wanted.

The send pre- and post-fader colors have been reversed for consistency. Now blue is always pre-fader, like the inserts, while everything cyan is post-fader.

You can change the colors back to what they used to be in the preferences, but I would recommend you to just try to get used to the new colors. The current color scheme for sends is what they should have used from the start.

In short, nothing changed besides the colors, and the pre/post send icon is working like it should.

Thanks for the reply. Yea, I’ll get used to it.

That makes sense. At first I was unhappy with the change, but actually it is consistent with the color of the pre and post fader inserts.

it could actually have been a see-once-warning-message there…