Pre-purchase: Can I use Android's built-in mic to record audio into Cubasis?

Hi - I went through Steinberg’s youtube vids, and Dom Sigalas’ as well, sorry if I missed an answer to this question somewhere in there …

I’d like to be completely mobile (in other words, not traveling with a USB-microphone or USB audio card interface, external interface, cables, etc.), so I can sit down at a piano anywhere and be able to record piano and vocals into Cubasis using only my Android phone’s built-in mic.

Is that possible, and if so, how would I tell Cubasis to use the Android phone’s built-in mic as the input?

Thanks much!

Yes, you can use the built-in mic. That’s what it does by default.

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Hi @alexis,

Thanks for your message.

I’d suggest to give the freely downloadable Cubasis LE 3 Trial Android version a try with your given device.

The trial version comes with a smaller set of Cubasis and runs in a 30 minute demo mode, which can be restarted as often as you like. Simply delete tracks of the preloaded demo project and go ahead with your testings.

Hope that helps!

Stay safe,

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@LSlowak @misohoza , thanks for your reply!

I’ll do the LE to start. I just want to get an audio file into Cubase 12 Pro, using it as a library of ideas, and ultimately as a starting point for working on the project. Not worried (hardly) at all about sound quality for that purpose!