> pre-reviewing Dorico <

Hello everyone.
I have made a list of “wishes” for tools in Dorico. It was suggested that I post these questions here as well. You can either reply here or on the initial forum.
Many thanks.

Good to see you here, Octo.

This isn’t an itemized answer, but most of the things you posted are not “natively” possible yet, at least not without workarounds.

Custom lines have been discussed many times and are certainly on the short list for the development team. As they have demonstrated with everything else they’ve introduced, you can be sure that once custom lines are added, they will almost certainly have all of the functionality you need.

Boxed notation is well-nigh impossible at present, or at least, requires a graphic program to finish the score. There has also been a fair amount of discussion about graphic notation here.

Independent barlines are no problem. I’ve not tried stacked grace notes, but I believe those would be achievable.

Many thanks for that. A similar answer I have got on the notat.io forum from Florian.
I think I have to wait for a while.

I hope that all or the most of these notational types will be implemented soon.

The examples above are done in Finale. Of course, not everything was without (simple or complex) workarounds.
If I could summarise what is the most common problem with notation software (Finale, Sibelius, MuseScore - I used/tested), it would be: leave things where I put them.
Of course, I put my hope in Dorico!

In my experience, Dorico does this much better than any other software I’ve used. In general, when I put something on the page in Dorico, it stays there until I move it. This was certainly NOT my experience with Finale.

Did you ever try NoteAbility Pro…? ( http://debussy.music.ubc.ca/NoteAbility/Examples/NAProExamples.html )

Interesting. I think I have heard about it, but never paid attention. It is now a free software. Do you use it?
EDIT: Do you talk actually about http://debussy.music.ubc.ca/NoteWriter/index.html ?

I use Finale, that is why I am mostly concerned about. Good to hear about Dorico.

No, I was not talking about NoteWriter. I did use that A LOT way back, and would certainly have used the successor NoteAbility Pro today if it hadn’t been Mac only. I’m mainly living off Finale work still, and that program really works reliably(predictably) only on Windows, so…

If you don’t already use it, I wouldn’t suggest moving to it at the moment. Upcoming versions of macOS remove certain dependencies that it relies heavily on, so you might be stuck on Mojave and earlier.

Thanks for this reminder… actually, according to the website the latest version runs on OS-X 10.6.8 through to 10.12.1 (Sierra.) …

Right, but the problem is I believe the app uses QuickTime as an audio engine. Apple is removing that capability so a brand new audio engine would need to be written for the program from the ground up.