Pre roll before play : I don't want it to play what's before my cursor during pre roll counting

Hello, is it possible to make the pre roll static, meaning I want cubase to count 1’2’3’4 and start playing, not to start playing 4 bars before.
If I want to record a staccato articulation, using expression maps, but the note before it is a marcato, having a pre-roll mess things up because it deselect the articulation I just selection by playing that midi part again so I can’t record the right articulation

(I am using attributes)

Isn’t this what the count-in feature on the metronome is for? Check in the metronome settings.

If this doesn’t work, could a pre roll paired with an expression map be a work around for your project?

Make sure you have click enabled and then enable Count In:

activate_count_in on Transport

Count-in is how many measures you will get a metronome tick sound before playback or recording starts.

perfect, thanks

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