Pre=sales question on Spectralayers pro 6

Hi everyone,

I’m looking at buying spectralayers for a few weeks now, only i have a question i can’t figure out.

What’s the difference in Spectralayers pro6 if you buy it at steinberg than when yiu buy it 3th party? Steinberg is 100,- cheaper then the magicx version and sound force (wich include spectralayers pro6 but with a lot of additional things . Same as spectralayers pro 5, wich still in sell for 399,-.

Don’t understand where the price difference is and if it’s better to buy sound force 13 for the included plugins

Thx in regards

The only version of Magix Sound Forge Pro 13 that includes SpectraLayers Pro 6 is the Suite which is £499 in the UK. From Steinberg it costs £257 (incl. 20% VAT) so it’s a difference of £242. (Obviously currency fluctuations and local tax would change that a bit.) I think you may have been looking at the wrong version or something.

soundforge pro 13 is €399, soundforge pro 13 suite is… €599… to say it in euro’s…

spectralayers full version in €… is €299 from steinberg.

if you have soundforge pro 12, you can upgrade for €249, i checked. i was curious. have soundforge pro 12, for a few a dollars… (humble bundle…).

so you compared it, as Mobius already guessed, with the wrong version or better: bundle. the suite is a bundle with now outdated ozone 8 elements, etc.