Pre Sales Questions

Hi all,

I have a few pre sales questions I was hoping the community could help me answer. I’ve bee watching the Tutorials on YouTube back from 2013 and have finished chapter 2:

My questions are:

  1. Does Cubasis 1.9 have the ability to take multiple audio takes like Pro Tools, Logic etc?
  2. Is anyone actually mixing through monitors with the Mixer?
  3. What is your opinion on the Drum samples sound quality?
  4. Is an iPad Pro with 128GM of storage enough storage?

I will be very grateful if some of the community can assist me with any information.



Hi Dino777,

Since your questions are directed to the user community, I hold back answer them.

Just two comments:

  • An iPad Pro paired with 128 GB is top of the line and will fit perfectly to Cubasis
  • Storage-wise Cubasis offers various options to backup files (iCloud Drive, External Hard Drive & Wireless Flash Drive Support, Dropbox, iTunes File Sharing, WiFi-Server etc.)

It might help to specify your question regarding multiple audio takes more precisely.

Please follow this link to find all available Cubasis tutorials/teasers from Steinberg:

A YouTube search will deliver lots of additional videos from users and others.

Here is the link to the browser version of Cubasis’ In-app help:

Best wishes,

Hi Lars,

Thank you for responding. The most clear way I can describe multiple takes or cycle recording is to watch 30 seconds of this YouTube tutorial:

I did watch the Cubasis video tutorial - Chapter one, two and three on YouTube. The versioning of the software was older though so I’m sure a lot of the features that are in 1.9x were not in the video.

Hey Lars, you may be a Product manager but you’re absolutely part of the community. Please feel free to answer my questions if your policy allows it.

I really appreciate you reaching out to me.

Hi Dino777,

Thanks for your reply.

Here you can listen to some of the included drum kits that come with Cubasis (choose "Allen Morgan Drum Kits - Audio Demos in the player):

Also the demo song of our previous 1.9.5 clip has been produced with Cubasis and shows of with one of the included drum kits:

You’re able to connect class compliant audio interfaces such as Steinberg’s UR audio interface series that allow to connect studio speakers.

The UR series also supports feature set unlock for Cubasis LE (our compact OEM app version of Cubasis).

Hope that helps…


Danke Lars!

Bitte & always welcome…