Pre-Section with CC121

Since Cubase finally got useful hipass and lopass filters, I wonder, whether I can adjust them with my CC121? Is there any hidden mode I am not aware of, so I can control those filters from the CC121.
Actually I dont use the cubase EQ a lot, however the new hi/lopass filter have proven very useful for my workflow, so I#d love to have “real knobs” for them…

Nobody? So I assume there is no way to do that?
If so, that would be a feature suggestion for the CC121.

Not possible currently. but I’d love this functionality as well.

have you tried assigning to the four buttons above the AI knob?

I already programmed useful function onto those buttons, besides how could that possibly work? To set the frequencies I would need knobs or faders not buttons…

Right click on any control in the pre section or in the channel strip in Cubase. Assign a quick control slot. Put the CC121 in quick control mode (press eq type and all bypass together). The EQ knobs now control the assigned controls in the channel strip.
Second way is hover over the control you want to move and move the A1 knob. The A1 knob now moves the assigned control. The first method is best as the quick control set ups can be saved.

Hey Mrhehon,

thanks for your reply, that certainly helps! Still it means some extra clicks because, i first have to open the QuickControl section, then click the preset button and finally my new “PreSection” preset. Then I can use the method you described with the CC121 or use my CMC-QC which directly controls the quick controls.
I also checked if I could assign a QuickControl Preset by a shortcut but couldn’t find a way. The other trick would be to set the QC preset as default for all new channels, but I could not find a way to do this either…

Anyway thank you, the QC preset is a huge step forward, as I use the HC and LC a lot!

No I don´t think you can.
For me the way with the fewest clicks is, don´t use QC pre-sets but just right click the control and select the QC slot…takes a second have the CC121 in QC mode already if you don´t use the EQ´s much. I do this all the time and it´s not slowing my workflow.
I find the CC121 and Quick controls to be very powerful.

Yes either way it’s a nice workaround. Still, I have so many hardware knobs (i got the CC121 and the CMC-QC) and it would just be great if I could “hard-map” some of those to the HC and LC frequency as well as slope.
I sometimes go through my arrangement and get the feeling: “I’d like this lane to have less loend on that track”, and it would be just great if I could just grab a knob and lower that lowend, without ever having to click anywhere…
But the method I have now, thanks to your help, is quite near :slight_smile: