Pre-Sends and Sidechain with Instrument Tracks


Thanks for finally fixing the bug where the “mute pre-send when mute” preference isn’t saved correctly. Hallelujah! However, there seems to still be a problem when using pre-fader sends for sidechaining when the sidechain signal is coming from an instrument track. The sidechained channel doesn’t received audio from the instrument track unless the instrument is also soloed. Rendering the instrument to audio resolves the problem, but obviously it would be nice if the implementation of sidechains was consistent throughout the program so you can always hear what you’re doing. Please change this in the future. And if I’m wrong, please correct me!

PS — I’m using Cubase 12.0.50 on Intel Mac.


I can confirm this.

In this example Retrologue should activate the compressor through a pre-fade side chain when the note is played.
It does when the Retrologue track is not muted. As soon the track is muted it doesn’t anymore.
If I use an audio track instead of an Instrument track the mute status of that track is not affecting the side chaining.


Please tag this as an issue. Feel also free to send raise a support ticket with Steinberg’s support team.

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I changed the tag, thanks for the tip. Still learning my way around this forum!

Ah! But here I will have to call upon @Martin.Jirsak for his advice, who has many times said that the mute button in the track list and the mute button in the mixconsole mute different things when it comes to instrument tracks. Track’s mute mutes the midi path, while mixconsole’s mute mutes the audio path. So when you mute the track, no data is sent to Prologue, no key is pressed, no sound is produced at all, so no sound reaches the sidechain. But if you mute the instrument from the mixconsole the side chain signal should come through. At least that’s how I remember things.

(Sorry I can’t test this right now before answering, but I’m away from a Cubaseworthy PC)

This didn’t work for me.

Have just tested this and as I suspected, when the instrument channel is muted (either in arrangement or on mixer) no sidechain compression occurs since the instrument channel is not producing any sound.

Doesn’t really seem like a bug to me since an instrument channel, an audio channel and a midi channel are all kinda different in their behaviour.

Yup. Sorry, I was remembering wrong, I just checked in Cubase. Instrument Tracks’ sends won’t work when muted. Rack Instruments will work though, the send passes through fine when muted.

I confirm the issue with Instrument Tracks.

To me it’s not a question of bug or not bug, it’s just frustrating behavior because I’d like to always be able to hear what’s going on with my sidechains when I’m in solo.

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Yeah I hear ya!. I think as @ggmanestraki said, if you use instrument racks as opposed to instrument tracks you will not encounter this problem :slight_smile:

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