Pre-upgrade question - issue w/ Halion Sonic SE (SOLVED-ish)

Hi all,

I’ve recently uninstalled/re-installed Cubase Elements on my computer. Everything went w/o a hitch - or so I thought - until I created a project and noticed that Halion Sonic SE was no longer listed.

I then re-downloaded the installer, re-installed,installed all available updates - no luck. I re-scaned the plug-ins in Cubase a few times, to no avail.

Now, what worries me is that I was just about to finally upgrade Elements to (most probably) 7 Artist, and Halion Sonic SE is a key selling point for me.

I did some research and found a few links to people having issue w/ patches missing and similar problems, though mostly on Windows machine. I’m on Mac, running the latest revision of Snow Leopard.

Any one has any clue or idea of something I could try to fix this?

Aloha R,
Could this be the prob?

Is Elements ‘compatible’ with this version of the Mac OS?

You might have to bump up yer OS a notch or two.

HTH (hope this helps)

Yeah, I’ve just seen the requirements for Cubase 7 and it seems that SL is no longer supported. Which may further delay my upgrade.

At any rate, Halion Sonic SE used to work fine under SL even just a months ago. But I guess it’s always possible that a minor update to the OS or anything else on the system may be causing the issue.

Thanks for your reply! :slight_smile:

Ok, just in case anyone happens to have a similar issue…

I had a hunch that installing a demo of an one of instruments which plays in Halion Sonic SE could maybe take care of the issue. And, well, it did.

I’ve re-installed Cubase. No HSSE. Then Triebwerk, which I wanted to try anyway, and, voilà, Halion Sonic shows up.

Even though 7 isn’t officially supported on SL, w/ this issue solved, I might give it a try. :stuck_out_tongue: