Precount start where I choose

I would like to have precount start at the left locater if I choose to

It automatically keeps Jumping back to the beginning of the bar, however, I might just want to record at the middle of the bar or in a specific starting point.

I should be allowed to choose where I want to record if using precount. Seems odd that I can’t

Anyone else find this problematic?

Not not really, just use punch in/out and start playback wherever you want.

Punch in and punch out with precount enabled
Also jumps back to the beginning of the bar

Well, if your Precount is set to 1 bar, in the Metronome Setup window, you’d want to hear one bar of click, surely? With what you are asking, if you had placed your Cursor at 05:03:02:87, would you really want the click to start a 04:03:02:87 (where there wouldn’t be any (quarter-note) click until 04:04:00:00 anyways)?

It does not have to sync up.
It can just count a bar in with the tempo I set
And start recording from where I want
Seems basic
I rarely record with a metronome, but if one wanted then the metronome could just start on the next appropriate beat

How about recording a 1-bar MIDI click (triggering a click-type sound), and just placing that 1-bar part wherever you want?