Predictions for next rls

Heres one : moveable channels in mixer and being able to move the parts around in the channel editor(move fader to left side between inserts n strip) Modular positioning so to speak…

P.s., i love the hover over things in the mixer! Such a clean iand uncluttered interface… No distractions, and well, being cubasers for a while, this should come naturally, just move your mouse where you were gonna move anyway:p

Just passing by…:stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: is that what this whole hovering thing is about? Some pop ups? Never noticed/used them before… I thought it was about those power buttons that pop up…- which i like like that…As for the other things- cant talk about em cuz i dont use em…

IMHO, 2 problems with Cubase’s hover:

  1. Conceptually - controls whose labels don’t appear without hovering take infinitely longer to learn. Sure, now most of us have learned where most of the controls are. But for people just buying Cubase for the first time … or when they change the mixer view drastically the next time … much more pain and angst.

  2. In practice: The click target area in the mixer is too small, relative to the hover message, for the size of the mouse pointer. “Click here” says the hover message, but it seems that you have a very small pixel target. Maybe they could design an under-the-hood scalable click target that enlarges when the hover message is engaged?

I agree. while I understand the ethos to declutter the UI, it’s a perverse incentive. Even for those who know what controls do what it’s counter intuitive. Bad move, a solution to a non existent problem and also shows the amount of new features the program can offer is running out fast.

10 to 15 years ago each new major release offered real improvements in workflow ( despite the usual introduction of many bugs/instability and copy protection treacle )

These days a new release is full of stuff that’s just added for the sake of justifying a new release and ends up over complicating the software will of nonsense that’s just distracting the creative process.

An over bloated behemoth isn’t productive, it’s a drain on valuable braincells that could be utilised making music.