predictive popovering overkill

hi there,

This is not a bug but I’m not sure if it’s truly a feature, either –
when I type in “arco” into the popover, I can’t simply type in “arco” and press enter.
That doesn’t work – I have to type “arc” and select “arco” from the dropdown choices instead.

It’s doesn’t feel natural. It seems that everywhere else in Dorico you can type out the entire longestpossibletokennameintheworld and press enter, but here you have to type in longestpossibleminusonelette and select from dropdown.

Do I make a fair point?

Thank you!

You can type “arco” in full, but you need to press Return twice, once to confirm the choice of the text from the drop-down, and a second time to close the popover. In an ideal world only one press of Return would be needed, of course.

ah-ha! love it. Thank you!