Pref: Don't set Locators without modifier key at Ruler click

When clicking in the Ruler to move the Cursor, if you click too high instead both Locators are moved. Annoying.

Request for Solution:

  • Don’t set Locators when not a modifier key (Ctrl/Alt/Shift) is used when clicking in the Ruler.
  • To set both locators use Shift+click, instead of just clicking in the Ruler without a modifier key.

(This also eliminates the need for a “Lock Locators” function, which has been requested in other threads, like here: )

On second thoughts, this would exclude the possibility to easily just draw the desired locatator span, without having to press Shift modifier key first. Maybe a “Lock Locators” function would be better after all? But locators should then only be locked from moving when clicking in the ruler, not when using other methods to move them.

It could simply be a preference:

  • Click moves both locators directly [and draws a locator span (as today)
  • Shift+click moves both locators / Click moves Cursor (new option)

Good suggestion, there’s a similar one … maybe a mod can merge them.

This has bitten me too, more times than I care to remember :wink: … +1


Me too. +1 to this being a preference.

Search for ‘Lock Locators’. This has been asked for since before I’ve been using Cubase. They are intransigent.