Prefatory staves

I note some while ago Daniel provided a little tutorial for making prefatory staves:

The thing I’m stuck on is how to omit the systemic barline when two or more staves in a system require prefatories. I can only think to somehow white out the unwanted barline with a graphic, or have I missed a trick?

Being able to omit systemic barlines would be very useful in a number of scenarios.

Can you show an example of what you mean? If you want to omit the barline at the right end of the incipit, that’s already possible:

BTW: Unfortunately, Daniel’s example file in the linked post cannot be found anymore.

I mean the systemic (or ‘initial’) barline at the start of the prefatory staves. I know it’s possible to delete the barline at the end on a per-flow basis.

There is at present no way of omitting the systemic barline when there is more than one staff in the system, I’m afraid.

If you ever decide to make this possible, it would be a godsend for notating rounds with measure-lines aligned.