Preference -> Auto Activate Selected Marker Track

Hi all,

Since we dont have Track Versions on Marker Tracks, I end up having a LOT of them in my projects and I find myself constantly having to change the “Active” Marker Track.

I’d love to have a preference written in this topic title instead of having to :

1- Select the desired Marker Track
2- Hit Key Command to Activate this track

It would just make my editing life much faster :slight_smile:

Best regards

Use a PLE to select the one you want to have active.

Thanks Erik but could you please elaborate as i understand that the PLE cannot be triggered with a simple mouse clic ? :slight_smile:

Best regards

A PLE can be activated by a key command. Not with a mouse click unless you want to control it manually within the PLE window.

Currently in bed to go to sleep, and I’m at the end of a six month TV series project so I may not find the time to write a proper instruction on how to do this but it is quite simple.

In the PLE you set the filters to marker and name and enter the name of the marker track you want to activate. Set the operational mode of PLE to select (not transform) and follow up (using a macro) with a command to activate selected marker track. Assign it all to a KC and you have a single key trigger.

It’s not hard but for People that have not yet understood how the PLE works it is a bit of a learning curve.
The PLE is the sharpest unique tool in the Steinberg toolset.

I can’t remember where but there are some really old threads about using the PLE that has really clever implementations using the PLE. Store/recall of many different things like selected events or tracks or positions etc etc etc.
It’s a powerful thing.