Preference for a single plugin window

This is actuay about a post by TuckerMix in the Nueno forum:

Posted this in the cubase forum, just wanted to see if this is on the radar at all…

It is beneficial to have more then one plugin on screen.
It is also beneficial to dock plugins windows.
The best choice is the option to do both simultaneously. Like protools current implementation.

Why is docking plugin windows important?

I have 5 screens on my mix rig. TV on the wall up high, three LCDs across the middle, one touch LCD in front of me. In Nuendo 5, Cubase 6’s current implementation every plugin remembers its last location on screen, requires me to drag every plugin to the touch screen. I installed MOOM, a mac windows manager that lets you move windows by key command, but there is an odd caveat with windows that have always on top enabled. You mustn’t click the white plugin window header, but just below it or it won’t move the window. Also, always on top is remembered by plugins. So if you ever had the preference set to make all plugins always on top now you have to disable the preference, load every plugin, right click and uncheck always on top.

Most of the time, I want EVERY PLUGIN to just appear in the same location, on the touch screen. I don’t wanna d1ck around with window management apps, key commands, always on top, plugin window remembering “things”, dragging windows around, etc.

Protools does it, Cubendo should have a preference too.

I could not find this post in the Cubase forum, and it looks like I can’t post in the Nueno forum, so I would like to say:

+1, great idea.

And another idea: a generic remote accesable command or a preference to automaticly “open all active plugins on channel selection”. Timesaver. I have it already, (created it with bome miditranslator), but it would be nice if everybody could use it.

+1 This is an excellent idea.

btw, jb, what do you think about changing the subject to something like, Preference for a single plugin window location, or request for docking plugin windows (like Halion)… the current subject sounds like you want a single window for plugins, which is not the case.

Ok, thanks.
Not picked up yet by many people.

Hi jb,
good idea, perhaps you could post it in the right sub-category…

Music lounge? No seriosly, which one?
thanks, JB

And by the way, I changed the subject back to "Preference for a single plugin window location’ because it IS a request for a dedicated separate (dockable?) plugin window.

The other option Steve mentioned (= plugins always in the same screen?) is maybe also an option, and already possible on Windows running “winsize2” in the background. This program remembers window locations by name for you, it works wonders for me, every “controlled” plugin-window always opens/gets directed on/to the spot on screen I want, even with files from other studio’s. It is a huge timesaver for me.

Ok thanks Steve, I’ll start again there…