Preference/MIDI/Filter/CC 123(AllNoteOff)

I’m having an issue with Kontakt and hanging notes. Does anyone know why the default in Cubase is to filter out CC 123?

In this application I’m using Cubase as a rack of sorts for live playing not actually playing a project. The hanging notes happen after using a sustain pedal and affect only Kontakt instruments.


Hanging notes is a common problem. One suggestion is to increase the Midi PPQN (I think that’s what it’s called). Not that I’ve tried it, my notes don’t hang that much. I press Midi Reset when they do hang.

Another tip might be to replace the sustain pedal with appropriately notes. This is what I always do for non-piano style parts. E.g. for all my pads and my solos I’ll adjust the note length and remove the sustains (either manually or automatically). Can’t do that for piano stuff because it’s too intricate generally, so I make absolutely sure that my sustains are in tidy positions and that there’s always a sustain off somewhere after a sustain on - and preferably in the same midi part.

I have noticed that Cb7.0.4 has various bugs with playing things in the wrong places, i.e. things which aren’t at the play cursor but are somewhere else. I’ve noticed both midi and audio is effected. I’m hoping that they correct this in the next release.

On the subject of filtering CC123, my interpretation is that it’s a redundant CC message so if I find any I delete them. But it’s been a long while since I’ve seen one, so I can’t remember what I might have been doing…


Thanks Mike

These are all good suggestions but won’t apply to my situation. I’m not playing back a song or recorded MIDI data. I’m using Cubase to set up multiple instruments with various key ranges/layers, played live by 2 MIDI controllers. In this case the sustain pedal is being used as a third, sometimes fourth, hand to hold a note/chord while switching to another instrument.

It’s specific to Kontakt. None of the other instruments, Massive, Modular V, Absynth, FM8, Retrologue, are affected. After researching further it seems like more of a Kontakt glitch than a Cubase thing.

I’m trying to find a workaround. I wrote a key command for “Reset” but even that’s not really workable in a live performance.

Even though CC123 seems redundant, maybe Kontakt doesn’t think so. Due to time constraints and setup I haven’t been able to test this out.

Thanks for your time. I appreciate it.


Aha, yes, I kind of skimmed that bit of info in your first post :slight_smile: Now I appreciate your frustration!!

Perhaps you could use another VST host? I have used Live Professor in the past to host instruments with splits and the like. It used to be a little bit unreliable as well on hanging notes, but that was a few years back and I’ve seen it go through many iterations since then. I used it when it was a free beta but now it costs a small amount.

Talking of playing VSTs live I have another tale to tell, and that’s of a band that I’ve seen using Cubase for live sounds a number of times… All seemed fine, but I’ve now heard they’ve just swapped over to using a Korg Kronos instead because they could never get the reliability they needed for long tours.

And finally, I’ve seen bands successfully use MainStage which is apple’s offering to live keyboard players. If it wasn’t for the price of the hardware I’d be using that myself… Oh, and they don’t support VST type plugins either - grr!