Preference option to bypass audio engine when moving notes


Is there an option to bypass Playback temporarily when notes are moved/stretched. For a large project when I move several phrases from staves it takes sometimes few seconds to see the result and echoes.

I know in Cubase there is an [auditioning tool](https://Auditioning Using the Audition Tool), that we can disable/enable playback. Is there a feature like this in Dorico, please?

Any workaround faster than deactivating the VSTi playing back the staves would be appreciated.

Dorico auditioning the sounds doesn’t have an impact on the time it takes to complete the editing operation, I’m afraid.

I am not sure what is going on. For me, it take sometimes at least 1-3 seconds delay and sometimes it halts Dorico and I have to force quit Dorico.!
Here is another project I am working on! The spinning color circle appears often. I even removed my vst and assign the channels to my external synth but still the same issue.

This is also the latest diagnostics.

Dorico (2.2 MB)

Next time you find Dorico hangs altogether for an indefinite period of time, please open Activity Monitor, select the Dorico process in the list, and from the cog menu at the top of the window, choose Sample Process. That will create a text file that tells us exactly what Dorico is waiting for. You can then save that text file, zip it up into an archive, and attach it here.

My guess is that we will find that Dorico is unable to communicate with the audio engine for some reason, so it is waiting for a response that never comes. The question will be why the audio engine isn’t responding.

I will do that next time I am on the project. Thank you @dspreadbury


Here is a sample as you asked for, Daniel.
I am trying NotePerformer (trial version) and It passed the first-hour limit. I closed and saved the project with no issue.
But when I reopen the project, it freezes and I cannot reassign my VSTi.
I had to force quit it and reopened and generated the diagnostics attached.

It’s expected that the application can hang when using the trial version of NotePerformer and it passes its time limit. If you’re not planning on buying NotePerformer and have completed your evaluation, I would advise uninstalling it.

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I just bought it. I hope it doesn’t crash again!

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