Preference to automatically switch to engrave mode

I have a dream that there once will be an option in the preferences of Dorico that I can switch on.

And from that moment on when I try to move something which is so far only possible in engrave mode Dorico instantly switches to engrave mode without forcing me to hit the shortcut for that. A bit similar to the double clicking in order to return to write mode.

Maybe some day…

The trouble with your idea, René, is that the same shortcuts you use to move things in Engrave mode (e.g. Alt+left/right/up/down) also move things in a different (rhythmic rather than graphical) way in Write mode, and indeed you will find that many more things respond to these shortcuts in Dorico 1.1 than in the current version.

I meant moving items with the mouse. Sorry that wasn’t clear.
I understand your arguments.

Well, you’ll also be able to move many more items with the mouse in Write mode in Dorico 1.1 as well. One of the major improvements in the new update is the enriching of the editing features in Write mode, both with the keyboard and the mouse.

Ok. Daniel.
As nobody else seems to be interested in such a preference. Just forget the idea.
Never mind. :slight_smile:

I understand your point of view, which I suspect being shared by a significant part of dorico–ers used to work with Sibelius before (or currently).

It took me some time to get used with that new and unsual architecture. But in the end I wouldn’t go back. It makes me work in a very logical way as I firstly have to concentrate on the music itself, which makes me gain a substantial time when orchestrating a large piece.

Honestly, I’m betting that the 1.1 update will be sufficient to not need to switch modes during input which will be awesome. I frequently enter something and want to approximate its preferred position and switching to engrave mode is a little annoying just to move one object a smidgen. It seems this will be totally taken care of this week. I bet you won’t need to switch to engrave mode for most of what you’re looking for. That will then leave engrave mode for all the fine tweaking which sounds perfect in my book.

I’m loving the new architecture. I’ve entered over 60 flows for my hymnal project without entering Engrave mode. When I’m ready I’ll do all the engraving at once.

That’s awesome. I’m thinking about doing the same thing. I was commissioned to compose a few hymns and I did them separately but realized it was rather silly of me. Waiting for 1.1 to combine them into the same file as flows and start going from there to add to the collection.