preferences and key commands

I’m using CBP 8.0.30 on a Mac OS and I want to transfer my preferences and key commands to CBP 8.0.30 onto my Windows 10 pro machine.
How do i do that? or Can i do that ?
Thanks for your help


After Cubase is installed on windows 8.1/10 -open cubase and close it. This will create user settings on
“C:\Users\Your Username\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 8_64” (if using 64bit Cubase)

On Mac OS you will find this setting files by open finder and then select menu “go to” press ALT on your keyboard und open “Library” from submenu. Navigate to Preferences and then “Cubase 8”.

Copy this setting -files from your Mac to a USB Stick on example. You can use .xml files like “Key Command.xml” and inside subfolder “Presets” you can use same .xml preset -files as on your windows 10 computer.

From Subfolder “Project Templates” copy your templates to same named folder on windows 10 -you can see your .cpr files and copy this. Please do not copy all files to windows 10, on example files for media bay search, vstPlugin info files, pluginmanager -not copy files with possible different settings on windows. Select and copy only setting-files that you can use on both computers.

If you has your own VST Sound.User Content on mediabay:
Then open mediabay and click VST.Sound.“User Content”
within mouse menu let open path of user content
mouse menu > “display with finder” (on windows this is “display with file explorer”).
On example, the default path for user Content on most mac’s: media technologies

copy user content folder from Mac to same folder on your windows 10 maschine. After you has finished with copy of user content ,then click on media bay the “rescan button”

Super ! Thanks for such a quick reply will try asap,installing CBP 8 on new Win 10 pro build,now…