Preferences: Channel settings always shows audio output settings for midi tracks

Please oh please,

An option in the Preferences:

Channel settings (“e” edit button) on a midi track shows audio output (if it is connected to a VSTi)

Right now, only the first channel of a Track Instrument supports this. Other than that you get to see midi inserts/sends, midi volume and pan on the editor. Most people never use midi inserts/sends anyway. But they DO use audio output of that midi channel.

If it is an option in Preferences, everyone will be happy.

Edit: Especially useful when the ch. settings windows is left open and following your track selection.

Is there more to what you’re saying? It seems this exists already.

No. Not at all. I’ll try to post a video.

He is talking about opening the channel editor of the instrument that is connected to a midi channel (I am sure we use it a lot more than the midi inserts and sends one)

I have asked this for ages, I will settle for a keycommand that does this!! (That can’t be that hard to do)

I think I’m dense… :wink: so let me ask:

Let’s say I have a Kontakt instrument, and I’ve routed four midi tracks to it.

Are you referring to being able to open the Kontakt Channel editor from within the one of the midi channel editors? (I suppose that’s not it though…)

Edit- I think I got it- the ability to simply click on the e button of a midi track to open the instrument’s channel editor, without seeing the midi channel editor, and having to click a second time on the e in the instrument’s channel fader?

Pablo1980 I’d appreciate if you participate in the poll. You say you asked for this for ages, yet you don’t vote for it.

Exactly. I thought this poll will be 100 votes to zero, or something like that.

Is it possible to delete this thread? I don’t want Steinberg to think this is not a wanted feature.

I think the request is clearer now, how about we remove the poll, and let the thread stand?

Thanks, I will make a video to try to make people realize that this is in fact a needed option. :slight_smile: