Preferences:- Editor Cycle Colour [SOLVED]

Seems fairly self-explanatory… but, I’m missing something; can’t work out what its meant to do… same since C8/8.5
And, I have made adjustments then fully closed and re-opened the app afterwards - still no joy.
Anyone any clues…?
Editor Cycle Colour_C9.jpg
I know there are separate ‘Ruler Cycle Colour’ active/inactive controls.


PS:- ‘Lower Zone’ view of Key Editor doesn’t apply ‘Editor Work Area Colour’ adjustments, to the entire window (as it does in the main Key Editor window). Only the Controller Lane area and the Part/Event length work area are affected. Easier to see for yourself if you try.
PPS:- I prefer the ‘Lower Zone’ look, myself… :slight_smile:


This color is visible only if you hide Part Borders in the Key Editor.

Ah.! Thank you Martin…

So, not a useful control at all really (does anyone use it…?) - since the cycle range (L/R Locators) is still always visible in the Ruler at top. Am I missing some deep ‘ninja’ workflow with this thing here…?

Oh well, I will mark as ‘Solved’.

Thanks again.