'Preferences' location

Please Steinberg remove ‘Profile Manager’, ‘Key Commands’ and ‘Preferences’ from the bottom of the ‘Edit’ dropdown list and put them back on the ‘File’ dropdown list where they always used to be prior to N10.

I am running N11.0.10 in HiDPI mode with 3 screens scaled at 100%, 150% and 200% (main screen). When the application is initially launched it IS possible to get to Antarctica down at the bottom of the ‘Edit’ list to access those three options, but after a while something happens to the ‘Edit’ list and the last three options cease to be visible - the little down-arrow above them at the bottom is not even visible any more. The only way to gain access to those items is to close the session and re-launch Nuendo!

I know that I have mentioned this before, but this issue is very irritating and I can still not see a valid reason why the options where moved from the much shorter ‘File’ list in the first place - they had been there for years!

Please, please either move them back or fix it if it is a display problem.

That really doesn’t seem like the logical solution for a display problem.

What actually is happening would be of interest though.