Preferences look different in my version vs tutorial video?


I’m a new cubase user (just installed this week!!) on a mac running Cubase 7.0.4 and noticed recently while following tutorial videos on noticed that his appearance preferences were WAY different than mine. For example, check out the screen shots below, first is the tutorial video, 2nd is my preferences…
Any ideas whats caused this? I did run the Cubase 6.5 demo version on my machine last year. Could this have anything to do with it, as I believe Cubase 7 looks for these preferences, right? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


the snippet from the video is an outdated Preferences version, whereas the “Myprefs.png” is how it is supposed to look now.

It is simplified, as you can just click on the square and select a colour from the colour plate instead of using the sliders to get the desired result.

Please, note that it looks like you are still on 7.0.3, as that page shows two entries on 7.0.4 (Basic Color and Desktop Color).


LOL ! Indeed, it is ‘simplified’… And the attached screenshots from the OP has nothing to do with 7.0.3 and you know it !

Steiny threw away several useful settings, here, and this, since the 7.0.0 version. Among others, the ability to precisely set the display of the different horizontal and vertical grid subdivisions, the button brightness and the relative display intensity of several items.

This for a ‘simplified’ thingy which is not even able to display horizontal and vertical grid lines with the same color, as well as we are not even able to copy a colour from an item to another with it.

The most puzzling is that these settings, which were perfectly working until 6.5, were still present in the defaults.xml file of the 7.0.1 version and are still documented in the 7.0 operation manual (p.704-705).

Sometimes, while reading mods posts, I am wondering in which world they are living… :unamused:

The new color preferences were introduced in C 7.0.2 (hope I remember correctly).

Additionally the Mac has different Color Preferences, which are shown on the screenshots, than Cubase 7 on Windows 7/8.
Instead of only having the possibility to change the Basic color, Cubase on Windows allows to set up the desktop color as well.

We have introduced the new color preference design in Cubase 7 and this was due to many users that wanted a simplified version for changing the colors in Cubase. We will keep an eye on it in our further updates.

If you do not like these new possibilities we can accept this.

Sometimes, while reading members posts, I am wondering if they use our applications or just frown at it from an outer- world in a far away solar system.

dito :unamused:

Hello Marcus. Thank you very much for your reply!! I didn’t know there was official tech support on these forums. WAY COOL!!

I thought maybe something was wrong with my version as I was missing what seemed like MANY appearance preferences vs the tutorial screenshot. Turns out you guys just made it simpler, which is cool I guess, though it seems like this simplified version takes away some of the customizability? If so I prefer more options to less. I also wish there was a way to adjust sliders of brightness / colors and have Cubase adjust on the fly without having to hit “apply.” Unfortunately I gave up on customizing my appearances as it took to long to try things (select the color option, slide the focus color around, exit the color control, hit apply) and everything I did try looked bad, haha!

But you do have me concerned when you mentioned I must be on version 7.0.3 as I’m missing preferences. I’ve taken another screenshot of my system with the preferences and my version number, which is indeed 7.0.4. Is there something wrong?

Hi there,

everything looks up-2-date from what I am seeing in your screenshots.



Hello JT3Jon,

as pointed out by Marcus, the “Desktop Color” option is only available on Windows.
It was me overlooking that the Mac version only has the “Basic Color” option, sorry for this. You indeed have 7.0.4.

There is no loss of customizability, you have the same choice of tones; the only difference is that you can select the color range and pick up the one you want without just attempting to do that using the sliders.
You also have more possbility to control different elements.


OK… So, let’s stay in our common world. As there are two mods interviening (finally !) in an UI settings debate, few considerations which have nothing to do with a frightened glance from a far away solar system :

  • the new color settings system was already there in 7.0.1 (I can’t tell about 7.0.0 as I immediatly made the update to 7.0.1 when I received my C7 upgrade box and installed it), but certainly NOT appeared with 7.0.2.
  • the settings of 6.5 were still appearing in the defaults.xml file of the 7.0.1 version, but were deactivated for a reason that I would like to know.
  • Again, the C7 Operation manual describe the color customization system as it was in 6.5 (see p.704-705). The new one is, therefore, not documented…

Now few questions that are bothering me since late december when I launched C7 for the first time.

With the new system…

  1. …how do you precisely set the relative display intensity of the horizontal grid lines and the three different subdivisions of the vertical ones, as you could in 6.5 ?
  2. …how do you make appear the horizontal and vertical grid lines with exactly the same color, as you could in 6.5 ?
  3. …how do you set the relative display intensity of the buttons appearing in the track list, without having to edit the defaults.xml file, as you could in 6.5 ?
  4. …how do you make the colors of two different items to be exactly the same ?
  5. Subsidiary question : in which way the new color setting system bring us ‘more possbility to control different elements’ ? I sincerely would like to know… Any tutorial about this ?

I could add to the list the white masked project cursor, the strange behavior of the R/W buttons of the group/FX tracks when narrowing them, the white background of the Overview line… But I will stay on topic of this thread which is the color settings.

Just hope to get answers about all this, this time, from one of you two, after a PM to Christian D. sent two months and a half ago which never got an answer, and several topics and features requests on the subject quickly burried in the Miscellaneous subforum…

Thanks in advance.

Have you played around with the color tool? If you select a color to edit from the color menu>Select Colors, and hold down command/ctrl you can click in the Cubase UI to choose the color under the cursor.

Also it’s possible to copy and paste colors.

It’s not documented though. (yet, I suppose)

Hi, Steve

The problem is that the color tool seems to work only on tracks, parts and events : can’t get it to work on other items. One of the problems I have is maybe more clearly shown in my attachement (done with C 7.0.4). After several attempts, I can’t get the horizontal and vertical grid lines to be displayed as i had them with 6.5.

  • First, the colors of horizontal and vertical are not the same and you can’t set their intensity as we could previously. The screenshot shows the results of my several attempts to get rid of the horizontal grid lines. I succeeded in the cycle zone, but they come back with a vengeance outside of it…

  • Second, i can’t get rid of the second subdivision of the vertical grid lines. They always appear, no matter the color setting I try. We no more have control on this…

With 6.5, you just had to move the dedicated cursor present in the preferences ‘Appearance/Work area’ page and it was perfectly done in few seconds. Why on earth did they remove this ? That’s what I am asking, among others, to the mods in my previous post.

But thanks for chiming in ; it’s appreciated… :wink:

Yeah, I chimed in only with that one detail. You’re right, there is no control over the relative brightness or colors of the grid lines.

in C7 not possible. This is disappointing, yes.
Love this feature in C5/6.x! Hope for improvements in C7.x period… :exclamation:

possible, you can use greyish colours - same effect as in C6.x (!)

press ALT and drag/drop from colour box to another colour box! (not documented) :wink:

regards, Cent.

Hi, Cent

Indeed, it works. The problem is that it do so only in the same settings category. You can’t copy this way, say, settings from the ‘Colors/project’ category to the ‘Colors/Editors’ one. But I learned something today, thanks to you.

Sorry, but it’s not possible : actually, the horizontal and vertical grid lines don’t have the same color. Please, take a further look at the attachment joined in my previous post : you can see that, in the cycle zone, the vertical grid lines appear clearly while the horizontal ones are close to invisible.

I made another one, using your tip to copy-paste color from the ‘project work area color’ setting to the ‘Project grid color’ one. See the result : how comes that only the horizontal grid lines are visible in the cycle zone ?

This was not the case with C6.5 and, as horizontal and vertical grid lines have different colors, the preferences should reflect this by, at least, offering two different settings. At the present state, we have only one and I see this as a bug as well as a regression.

But thanks again for the color copy-paste tip, though… :wink: . Just hope now that, after the week-end, a mod will chime in to bring precisions about all these issues, even if I emphasize them from an ‘outer-world in a far away solar system’…


Hi Cubic,
oh really? thank you for your post and screenshot! today I´m not at my studio, will check this later…

Bump !

Just in case Marcus or Fabio comes around. Who knows ? one of them might be able to send a message to a far away solar system…

Seriously : any comment/tip about the regressions stated in this thread ?


we have already done to the original topic…and the question is already answered.

And now a subspace message to the outerlands of sector 13:
Cubic13…to your request I have nothing to add at this moment, sorry.



You should have, just to admit that there have been major regressions made here in the UI settings, as well as a real added issue : how comes that the horizontal and vertical grid lines don’t have the same color, as there is one and only one setting for this (see again my screenshots) ?

What I would have liked from you is a simple answer to the question : is there something planned to fix all this in future updates ?

I’m surprised about this post. Should an admin maybe take things a bit more seriously?

Hi there,

in this case my answer was clear enough to original question of the thread starter.
Cubic13 was trying to catch this thread for a different purpose and tried to spray a bit of sarcasm…
so I picked it up the same way…and all original questions are answered.

So, as I have written before:
At this time I have nothing to add to my last post or some news about the color preferences.